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Electrician Masters - Ceiling Fan Installation in Lexington Kentucky

Electrician Masters Ceiling Fan Installation Services

Ceiling-Fan-Installation--in-Lexington-Kentucky-Ceiling-Fan-Installation-28607-imageElectrician Masters offers professional ceiling fan installation services for residential and commercial properties in Lexington, Kentucky. Our team of skilled electricians has years of experience installing all types of ceiling fans, including standard mount, flush mount, low profile, outdoor-rated and more.

Our installation process begins with a thorough assessment to determine the best location for your new ceiling fan based on electrical wiring and structural support. We will then carefully install the mounting bracket securely into place before assembling the blades and motor unit according to manufacturer specifications.

Once installed, we will test your new ceiling fan thoroughly to ensure it is functioning properly before leaving you with detailed instructions on how to operate it safely. Additionally, our team can provide maintenance tips that help extend its lifespan while keeping energy costs down.

At Electrician Masters , we pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship backed by exceptional customer service. Whether you need a single room or an entire building outfitted with brand-new fans or replacements installed quickly after damage occurs due to storms or other events – we are here ready when needed!